to become

Please Notice: is about to expand and enlarge its content, making more [free] recommendations, and finally incorporating a full fledged travel agency within the site.

The name of the site will then become

There will continue to be blogs; however articles will be shorter and more frequent...more of them, and they will offer specific recommendations of places to stay, dine, or be entertained, if in fact, those places are not going to be featured within the scope of our agency offerings.

There will not be capabilities to book online initially, since we don't plan to compete with the likes of Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and  Kayak.

We plan to be service intensive, with sufficient "hand-holding" to assure problem free travel, and should some challenge arise, we will be here to handle it for you!

You will, however, be able to pay for your vacations at the new site.  You will need a Paypal account, and through Paypal, you will be able to charge through the major credit cards, "branded" debit cards, or via some banking account. You will pay through a secure server, to assure both your privacy and safety.

We hope you will like to new site, which will appear in place of this one, in the near future.

Explicit listings of which cruise lines, tour operators, resorts, rail-tour operators, and possible air consolidators we will be representing, and specifically which sailings, tour itineraries and specially offered resort stays we feel you will enjoy the most will be posted.

Ultimately, though, choices will be yours to make, and we will do everything within our power to accomodate you and serve you.

Thank you for visiting us thus far. If you have enjoyed coming and reading our blogs, we hope you find the new and improved site both more useful, helpful and enjoyable!

Bon Voyage!
Bob Simmons the Vacation Boomer!!
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Boomer Vacation Travel Update

Fellow Boomers,

Vacation Boomer Travel is shaping up according to plan, and should be fully operational by the reported debut date of September 1, 2011

CLIA, aka Cruise Lines International Association, a trade association with member cruise lines and retail travel agency members has recently opened up membership for the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012. That was good news for me, because I needed that connection and membership to be accepted as a Preferred Partner with several cruise lines.

From prior membership, years back, I attained their Accredited Cruise Counsellor designation. I will be working towards the next level, Master Cruise Counsellor, later into the year.

The Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance offers an online course to familiarize agents with their members' products. Taking the course, passing the final exam, and receiving the certificate honoring me as a Certified Niche Cruise Specialist was something I accomplished in July.

Cruise lines making up that marketing alliance include American Cruise Line, Fred Olsen Cruise Line, Galapagos Explorer II, Hurtigruten, Imperial River Cruises Louis Cruise Lines and Star Clippers.

Each line operates smaller, niche level ships, and none duplicates the services, itineraries or experiences of any of the others.

I'll highlight each one, one at a time, over the next several blog articles.

Our agency is attempting to be aware of , alert to, and providing relevant vacation option for you, the baby boomer generation.  There's a span of 18 years between the oldest among you to the youngest, so there will several differences in interests because of that.  We hope we "get it right" for you, but if we're missing the mark, we truly hope you'll let us know.

As we have had our articles focus on Cruises, Bermuda, Florida and South Carolina, so our initial vacation offerings will reflect those options and destinations. More will added in due time.

Think of our whole blog and agency operation as if someone is throwing pebbles into a pond, where the pebbles hitting the water makes rounded and expanding ripples.  What we're now focusing on, is the first "ripple."  We hope to be working for you with a whole lot more interesting focuses in the future, but for now we have barely scratched the surface on our current topics.

Thanks for coming to the site and reading what we offer.Your comments, observations, and questions are always welcome!  I am soon going to go back over our first set of articles, dating to February, 2011, and will update them, and add some solid vacation recommendations...."naming names," and specific places to stay, dine, play and relax. Generalities may be fun reading, but I feel you need some "specifics," so I'm going to give that to you.  Give me a little time to update the earlier article, while I write new ones.

Bob the Vacation Boomer
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Boomers Will Enjoy Visiting This Section of Florida

Discover The Palm Beaches & Boca Raton  From Recommend Agent

Discover The Palm Beaches & Boca Raton

written by Promotional Partner | Posted on July 26th, 2011

                                               Juno Beach Pier.

An exciting collection of colorful resorts, matchless culinary delights, trendy shops and boutiques of worldwide fame, and a nightlife that thrives year-round awaits guests in The Palm Beaches & Boca Raton.

With 47 miles of pristine beaches and a staggering collection of family attractions and cultural venues, the possibilities are endless. As “America’s First Resort Destination”–established in 1894–the area has spent decades perfecting the art of welcoming guests, and showing them the best way to experience Florida.   

 This summer, The Palm Beaches & Boca Raton invite travelers to take advantage of their sizzling summer packages and come experience the best of everything.

One of the many rewards to living in the Sunshine State are the great vacation savings for its residents during the summer season. The Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau has gathered these special Florida Resident Rates offered exclusively within the destination and made them available to review in one convenient location.

 For those outside Florida, there are special Road Trip packages with discounted rates, amenities and gas card promotions continuing throughout the summer months.

To take advantage of these hot summer deals, call (800) 554-7256 or visit

The foregoing is reprinted in its entirety, from Recommend magazine, a publication directed to the travel industry for assisting clients.  We hope that this article has been informative and helpful.

Bob the Travel Boomer

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Vacation Boomer Travel Will Officially Open September 1st, 2011

Baby Boomers, and their extended family and friends, we are pleased, and proud, to announce the official opening of our Travel Agency, Vacation Boomer Travel,   effective September 1, 2011.

Agency member
since 1991
Yours truly has been involved with the leisure segment of the travel industry since 1990, and has attained the professional designation of Accredited Cruise Counsellor from  CLIA, ( Cruise Lines International Association.)  We were CLIA members under another agency designation for several years, and will re-join under this new name, for the 2012 calendar year, as soon as CLIA announces new membership open enrollment for the full upcoming year.   It is my intention to also add the MCC, or Master Cruise Counselor designation to my "resume" over the next year.

We currently work as a home-based blog site as, and will also operate the agency from home for the foreseeable future.  There will be a separate website for the travel agency, with a link to it from this site, and reciprocally from the agency site back to this one. I will "do it all" initially, but it is my intention to eventually add operating assistance agents, to help with your booking arrangements.

We will specialize in cruises for couples, families and affinity groups, and in many instances will serve as host and hostess aboard ship for the assistance and guidance of group clients.

Being from South Carolina, we hope to encourage inbound travel to the state, and will both recommend as well as make bookings at popular ( as well as lesser known) resorts, hotels, and B&Bs around the state.

One niche cruise line we work with offers several itineraries along the US Eastern Seaboard, as well as one or two in the Pacific Northwest. One itinerary referred to as Historic South and Golden Isles, begins in Charleston, SC and disembarks in the Amelia Island/Jacksonville, Florida area.

We are integrally familiar with all of the ports along this itinerary, and hope to attract many visitors from other parts of the country and world, who might enjoy this very interesting southern cruise. In many instances we will not only escort these cruises but include added value excursions or other items of value and interest to enhance your cruise.

As we grow and progress, we will continue to add travel suppliers like cruise lines, tour operators, specialty destinations, all-inclusive resorts, rail tours, and vacations including flights.
A list of our preferred suppliers will appear on the agency website once we officially open.

While it would be wonderful to welcome lots of new clients and serve those clients many times, over the years, we will treat every client as if they are our only client, and as if they were family. WE are NOT an online, high volume discount self serve agency. We offer and provide a high level of personal service, much of which we do free of charge, as we earn our revenue and income from the commissions paid to us by the suppliers we use.

We will continually add to our storehouse of knowledge with continuing training and product education.

Destinations in which we currently specialize include Bermuda, and the states of Florida and South Carolina.
Any state offers a vast array of interesting places to visit, and could become the subject of unlimited attention for quite some time. When we feel we have furnished adequate free information, through our blogs here, for Bermuda, South Carolina and Florida, we will move on to other states and world destinations.

Watch for more details, and the announcement of the agency site, as soon as it's developed and operational.

Meanwhile, we hope you will continue to seek us out for folksy discussion and helpful vacation and travel information. We'll try to appeal to your interests, and offer referrals to the best deals around, in order to make of the most of your vacation budget.

Thanks for stopping, and please come back again....and again!

Bob the Vacation Boomer
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