to become

Please Notice: is about to expand and enlarge its content, making more [free] recommendations, and finally incorporating a full fledged travel agency within the site.

The name of the site will then become

There will continue to be blogs; however articles will be shorter and more frequent...more of them, and they will offer specific recommendations of places to stay, dine, or be entertained, if in fact, those places are not going to be featured within the scope of our agency offerings.

There will not be capabilities to book online initially, since we don't plan to compete with the likes of Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and  Kayak.

We plan to be service intensive, with sufficient "hand-holding" to assure problem free travel, and should some challenge arise, we will be here to handle it for you!

You will, however, be able to pay for your vacations at the new site.  You will need a Paypal account, and through Paypal, you will be able to charge through the major credit cards, "branded" debit cards, or via some banking account. You will pay through a secure server, to assure both your privacy and safety.

We hope you will like to new site, which will appear in place of this one, in the near future.

Explicit listings of which cruise lines, tour operators, resorts, rail-tour operators, and possible air consolidators we will be representing, and specifically which sailings, tour itineraries and specially offered resort stays we feel you will enjoy the most will be posted.

Ultimately, though, choices will be yours to make, and we will do everything within our power to accomodate you and serve you.

Thank you for visiting us thus far. If you have enjoyed coming and reading our blogs, we hope you find the new and improved site both more useful, helpful and enjoyable!

Bon Voyage!
Bob Simmons the Vacation Boomer!!



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